WP5: Long term magma tracking

  • Task 5.1: New geophysical station development and installation
  • Task 5.2: Development of near real-time InSAR processing
  • Task 5.3: Constraining 3-D crustal velocity structure
  • Task 5.4: Locating earthquakes in near-real time in 3-D velocity structure
  • Task 5.5: Near-real time automatic relative earthquake locations in seismically active volcanoes
  • Task 5.6: Source characterization of volcanic earthquakes
  • Task 5.7: Improved models of deformation and seismic data
  • Task 5.8: Monitoring and quantification of thermal signals at glacier covered volcanoes
  • Task 5.9: Time series of digital elevation models (DEMs)
  • Task 5.10: Monitoring gas emissions of volcano volatiles
  • Task 5.11: Measurements of volatiles dissolved in river water
  • Task 5.12: Joint analyses of long-term magma movements

Main tasks will be i) new instrument development and deployment, ii) software development for automatic near real-time processing of SAR data, iii) modeling of 3-D crustal structure and improved automatic earthquake locations and iv) development of software to run in near-real time, ingesting data from deformation, seismicity, cauldron development and volatile changes, and outputting models of magma movement.


D5.1 - Automatic Interferograms and relative Earthquakes

D5.2 - Moment tensor inversion and glacial seismometer performance

D5.3 - Volcanic gas and river water chemistry

D5.4 - Joint deformation/seismic modelling

D5.5 - Earthquake location in a three-dimensional structure (without Appendix D)

D5.6 - Velocity model and seismicity associated with melt movement

D5.7 - Ice evolution Time series of elevation changes during caldera collapse and geothermal activity in Iceland

D5.8 - Joint analyses of long-term magma movements


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