WP8: Distribution and description of eruptive products

  • Task 8.1: Satellite and air-borne techniques
  • Task 8.2: Ground-based techniques
  • Task 8.3: Dispersion model analysis
  • Task 8.4: Synthesizing near and far-field data of eruptive products

WP8 is devoted to the measurement of the eruptive products and evaluation of transport mechanism sensitivity on a European scale combining ground-based camera and in-situ measurements, satellite-borne measurement methods and dispersion models. The work package will use eruption source parameters from WP7 as well as adding value to WP7 through e.g. development of aerosol particle counter data processing methods. Output from WP8 will provide WP3 with crucial information on which impact may be assessed and risk managed. Finally, data from WP8 will be used for the FUTUREVOLC system demonstration in WP9. The work package is organized into four main tasks as follows: 8.1 Satellite and air-borne techniques; 8.2 Ground-based techniques; 8.3 Dispersion model analysis; 8.4 Synthesizing near and far-field data of eruptive products.


D8.1 - Radiative transfer model and ash loading from satellites

D8.2 - Case study analysis using satellite-borne microwave retrieval algorithms and sensor synergy

D8.3 - Height and paths of eruptive products

D8.4 - Plume structure and aerosol

D8.5 - Statistical Assessment of Dispersion Model Sensitivity

D8.6 - Synthesis of eruptive products

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