WP1: Project management and coordination

  • Task 1.1 Establish a Consortium Agreement
  • Task 1.2 Internal communications
  • Task 1.3 External communications
  • Task 1.4 Activity planning
  • Task 1.5 Production of a project handbook
  • Task 1.6 General Assembly meetings
  • Task 1.7 Establishment of a Steering Group and Scientific Advisory Board (see section B2.1)
  • Task 1.8 Project, Scientific Advisory Board and Steering group meetings
  • Task 1.9 Financial management & reporting
  • Task 1.10 Advertising of all FUTUREVOLC positions

The overall management of FUTUREVOLC is outlined in WP1. The team of the WP will be outlined as the Management Team of the whole consortium, UI will lead the WP with support from IMO and UCD. Main tasks of the WP will be; to establish a Consortium Agreement, the establishment of a Steering Group and Scientific Advisory Board; and the management of Annual Meetings, Project meetings, General Assembly meetings, Scientific Advisory Board, and Steering group meetings. WP1 will handle internal and external communications, the production of a project handbook, and plan activities for the duration of the project. It will handle all financial management and reporting; compiling periodic and final scientific, financial and management reports for the EU. The WP will ensure that all research and staff positions available within the consortium are appropriately advertised, and that gender and equal balance is taken into consideration.

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