WP6: Imminent eruptive activity, eruption onset and early warning

  • Task 6.1 : Improved monitoring capability of tremor signals and ice quakes at glacier covered volcanoes in Vatnajökull ice cap
  • Task 6.2 Identification of discriminatory characteristics in seismic signals from volcanoes
  • Task 6.3 Monitoring glacier movements during tremor-generating subglacial events in Vatnajökull and Mýrdalsjökull
  • Task 6.4 Processing of array data from sources in Vatnajökull ice cap
  • Task 6.5 Numerical modelling of the full elastic wavefield in the ground and in the ice for shallow source studies
  • Task 6.6 Testing the use of geochemical signatures in volcanic rivers for feasibility towards early warning of an imminent eruption
  • Task 6.7 Correlation/Interpretation of geophysical, acoustical, hydrological and geochemical data
  • Task 6.8 Operational real-time software to monitor eruption onset at target volcanoes

WP6 takes an early warning approach to eruption onset, where the focus is on real-time processing of the first signs of magma approaching the surface. The main tasks will be: i) installation of two seismic arrays (Task 6.1) to track different sources of seismic tremor, ii) Short description of WPs testing the use of chemical signatures in volcanic rivers for feasibility in early warning of eruption (Task 6.6), iii) determination of discriminatory characteristics in seismic tremor from glacier covered volcanoes and verification by GPS instruments on outlet glaciers and tracking of source locations with the arrays (Tasks 6.2, 6.3 and 6.4), iv) numerical modelling of the wave field generated by the different source types (Task 6.5), v) correlation of multidisciplinary time series, including seismic, acoustic, geochemical and high-rate deformation signals for the purpose of quantifying imminent eruptive activity (Task 6.7), and vi) implementation of real-time analysis processes for eruption early warning (Task 6.8).


D6.1 - CGPS observations of glacier movements during jökulhlaups and high-precision mapping of icequakes

D6.2 - Results of field tests of continuous water samplers and protocols for high-frequency river monitoring during periods of volcanic unrest

D6.3 - Tremor characteristics and array processing

D6.4 - Near-real-time correlation of high-rate geodetic data and seismic data from target volcanoes

D6.5 MT Solutions and Modelling of Tremor

D6.6 - Methodology and strategy for interpretation of multidisciplinary ‘eruption phase’ data in FUTUREVOLC

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