WP4: Evaluation of known Eruption Source Parameters

  • Task 4.1: Catalogue of the eruption potential for volcanic systems in Iceland
  • Task 4.2: Geochemical analysis of tephra
  • Task 4.3: Probability density functions for eruption source parameters

Through WP4, the FUTUREVOLC project will compile the official and most detailed database of Icelandic volcanism (the Catalogue of Icelandic Volcanoes). Furthermore, some of the knowledge gaps will be filled through collection and analysis of new data. Quantitative assessment of probabilities of eruptive events will form one of the key parts of WP4. One of the main strengths of the Catalogue is that it will be published as an open-access website, which will be kept live and updated when deemed necessary. The database will be developed alongside the Global Volcano Model and this WP will contribute to establishment of global standards in volcanic hazards databases. The work on the database has already been initialized through a grant from the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO), and is led by partners 1 and 2. FUTUREVOLC WP4 is complementary to this work, and will provide an important input into certain sections of the Catalogue (see detailed lists of tasks below).


D4.1 - Rapid ESP data base and probability density functions of ESP for key volcanoes

D4.2 - First publication of the “Icelandic volcano catalogue” as an open-access website

D4.3 - A manuscript discussing compositional time series of historical Grímsvötn tephra

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