WP10: Dissemination, outreach and exploitation of results

  • Task 10.1 Communications
  • Task 10.2 Scientific dissemination
  • Task 10.3 Training
  • Task 10.4 Dissemination of outputs from technological development

WP10 handles communication within the project, as well as dissemination of relevant information to the scientific community, to governmental and civil authorities and to the public. The Scientific dissemination will be in peer reviewed publications and conferences and also through a series of summer placements and secondment opportunities between partners, to train the next generation of volcano researchers in data acquisition, storage and sharing. The work package will produce training material (manuals, and web-based presentations) regarding the scientific results of the project and promote the new approach to data sharing fostered by the project. Web-based training for researchers and monitoring observatories worldwide will also be part of the training efforts. The work package will promote the technological advancements made within the project to the outside scientific community.


D10.1 - Project external website

D10.2 - Peer review articles and conference presentations

D10.4 - Submissions of articles for publication in EOS and Cordis Newsletter

D10.6 - “Showcasing” FUTUREVOLC results & outputs


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