WP9: Demonstration of FUTUREVOLC

  • Task 9.1: Critical evaluation of current information flow
  • Task 9.2: Establishment of independent assessment panel
  • Task 9.3: Demonstration Exercise 1
  • Task 9.4: Demonstration Exercise 2
  • Task 9.5: Monitoring pilot phase

WP9 contains the main demonstration activities of FUTUREVOLC. It involves all project partners and end-users and will test and demonstrate the end-to-end system put in place through the other work packages. Testing will be done through a phased series of exercises overseen by an independent panel. The WP will showcase the Supersite principal with a 6-month pilot phase at the end of the project, during which all data will be available in accordance with the FUTUREVOLC data policy described in section 1.2.1. This will demonstrate to all stakeholders that the Supersite FUTUREVOLC is fulfilling its project objectives and improving on current procedures.


D9.1 - Outcomes of Exercise 1

D9.2 - Outcomes of Exercise 2

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