A beta version of web-portal for Icelandic Volcanoes and a web-based catalogue of Icelandic volcanoes is now available.  Scientific users will be able to download data and approved users can upload their data, information regarding studies and analyses. Operational users, such as airliners and civil protection, will be able to find information about the Icelandic Volcanoes and download data and reports they require for their decision-making processes. At Icelandic Volcanoes the users have single point access for near real-time data, processed data and historical data related to Icelandic Volcanoes. The data are easy to find and registered users can download the data and use according to the terms free of charge.

Access to the Catalogue of Icelandic Volcanoes and current address for the web portal is: icelandicvolcanoes.is


Grímsvötn 2011 eruption:  Data from the 2014 Nature Geoscience paper “Volcanic plume height correlated with magma pressure change at Grímsvötn Volcano, Iceland” by Sigrún Hreinsdóttir et al. is available here.

The FUTUREVOLC data hub, with volcano monitoring data in Iceland, is under construction and will be accessible later in 2014 (for description of data sets see page on Volcanoes and monitoring)



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