Events in 2014

AGU Fall meeting 15-19 December 2014: Some FutureVolc partners will attend the meeting and present their results. Check the scientific program online: http://fallmeeting.agu.org/2014/scientific-program/

17-21 November 2014: ESC Working Group "Seismic phenomena associated with volcanic activity" Annual Workshop 2014 - "Comparing and Testing Different Models for Volcano Seismicityheld in Leitrim, Ireland

23-25 September 2014: Second Annual meeting at Hótel Bifröst

19-21 August 2014:  A group of scientists from IMO, IES and collaborators in the European FutureVolc research project are installing new seismometers. A new continuous GPS station was installed in Kverkfjöll "GSIG" and is now collecting data.


30 May -10 June 2014: JÖRFI spring trip to Vatnajökull ice cap, including Futurevolc activities and Grímsvötn monitoring

5-8 May 2014: Ash pulse experiments undertaken in Würzburg (Germany) using ash from the Eyjafjallajökull 2010 eruption

1 May 2014: Informal FUTUREVOLC meeting held at EGU conference in Vienna (Austria)

1 April 2014: University of Iceland's GPS field season kicks off with campaign survey at Hekla volcano

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